Saturday, June 6, 2009

Things I Have Been Up To Lately

So I haven't even signed on to my blog in a while, and I am not even going to apologize. The month of May was entirely too crazy, June has shown it will probably be that way and let me show you why....

We decided to purchase a new car for me. Mine was older and putting more money into fixing minor problems seemed like it was a waste so we got a really good deal on a brand new Toyota Corolla and I am loving it. I have always wanted a brand new car!

On May 16th, I graduated from college. The week prior to graduation was extremely emotional and I spent most of my free time clinging to things that were common to my like Josh, my apartment, my friends and the little town I would soon be leaving behind. That brings me to the next adventure of May.....

I moved out of my apartment of three years. Things have changed completely from this previous post. After getting engaged, my brother having a baby, and visiting several times we decided to move back to my hometown. We are completely happy with this decision. It is a place where we are both happy, it's a good town, my parents are here, and Josh's family is close. So I moved back in with my parents while we look for a place and Josh will join me as soon as we have found a place to live.

In between buying a car, graduation, and moving I have also been searching a for a job as a teacher. It is harder than it would seem and the scary part is education is one of the more stable careers in this horrible time. However, I am not frightened as of yet because it is still early and schools often don't hire until August. 

We are also still planning the wedding. It is in almost 6 months and coming very fast. We are so excited, but still have a lot of work to do! 

So now I believe you are caught up with my life and since I am less busy now, I will try to update more frequently!

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