Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

This past Saturday was the 7th Annual Geocaching Event in Portales during Portales Heritage Days. We have gone for the past three years, since my dad started geocaching. He really enjoys caching, and he even always falls on Father's Day Weekend so it is fun to go and spend time together as family. This year, Josh even went with us.

We went up to Portales on Friday for the meet and greet. We met a few new people and visited with some we already knew. Saturday we woke up and got ready for the event at eleven. Between eleven and three we found 22 caches and the final cache for a total of 23 caches and 32 points. We did have a really good time.

So now it's tradition, and we even discussed a new team name for next year to include Josh. We are thining about J-Quad. Sounds good to me!

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