Sunday, April 19, 2009

My next eight months....

Thursday marked exactly one month to graduation. I cannot believe how fast it has gone. I promised myself not to get nostalgic in this post and do the whole "I never thought I would be here..." business, so here are the facts on the next month are so.

  • In two weeks I am done student teaching. 
  • For the next month I need to clean out and pack up my apartment.
  • In one month I graduate from college.
  • In a little over a month I have to move out of my apartment.
  • In a little over a month I am moving back in to my parents house, but not for long.
  • In a little over a month I need to start a job of some kind for the summer.
  • In about three months we need to find a place to live.
  • For the next four months I will be looking for a job.
  • For the next eight months we are planning a wedding.
  • In eight months we are getting married.

So there is the next eight months laid out in terms of things that need to be done or will be happening. I have no idea where I will be working, but I do know that I can hardly contain my excitement for the next couple of months, even if it is going to be hectic and I can tell that I will probably be very stressed no matter how hard I try. Luckily, I have amazing people in my life to help me get through it!

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