Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Lovin'

(Edit: I did update the blog following this post, and it is still under construction.)

I just realized I need a new layout for the blog. The background I was using is no longer supported. I will work on that...sometime.

This week is my last week of summer. It is very bittersweet. On one hand, I am so excited to return to my job- my students, my class, my school. On the other hand, school starting means less sleeping in and being lazy. I am proud of what I accomplished this summer.
  • Painted majority of the house
  • Shampooed all the carpets
  • Did some organizing around the house
  • Rearranged furniture
  • Bought and received some very nice house items
  • Attended the AP Summer Institute
  • Helped with district curriculum mapping
  • Spent time with family and friends
  • Slept, slept, and slept some more
  • Finished my first graduate class with an A
  • Finishing my second graduate class this week
  • Moved classrooms
  • Organized classroom materials
  • Shopped A LOT!
  • Purchased a .22 bolt-action rifle and learned how to shoot it
I could probably think of many more things I feel are major accomplishments, but this post would get extremely boring. This summer was also a summer of trials. Between jobs, finances, illness, surgeries, cleaning, organizing, and tons of stress, I am somewhat surprised I made it out alive!

I owe the little amount of sanity I have left in my body to my amazing husband, parents, and friends. They are the gravity that brings my back down to earth when I take off into an orbit of crazy thoughts. I know they will continue to be my rock as I enter the school year with two Graduate classes and a whole new load of students. Thank you will never express the true gratitude I have for the people in my life.


Momma CupKate said...

I love you sunshine. Thank you for sisterhood that is untainted.

gabby=a.beautiful.disaster. said...

I cant wait to be a teacher. =)

Mimi said...

My darling Kate. I adore you. We will always be true and deep sisters.

Gabby, you will be a great teacher. It's such a rewarding profession! When do you student teach?