Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays and such

Well, we made it down the isle, to a quick honeymoon escape and back to celebrate the holidays with our family. It snowed our last day in our fabulous honeymoon locale. but just enough to be pretty. We were rerouted about an hour around a major road due to an accident, but finally made it home to cloudy weather and wet surroundings. It started to hail as soon as we finished unloading and then quickly turned to snow. Josh lit a fire and I discovered left over wedding cake in our fridge (thanks to my mom and dad for taking care of the clean up and bringing home the goodies for us). We plopped down on the couch and have been there since we got home. While we thoroughly enjoyed the honeymoon, the get away, the rest, the eating out and all of the vacation, it was so nice to make it back to our fabulous home and we cannot express how excited we are to be back in our bed tonight!

We have an amazing photographer who took over 1200 pictures from rehearsal to the end of the reception. And the next day he had them posted on a website for our family and friends to see. Not all of them, but a substantial amount. While they are not edited, we were completely giddy to see them the day after and relive the most amazing day of our lives. I will leave this post with the address to view some of our wedding pictures and maybe I will blog again soon. Who knows? Maybe I will become a better blogger in 2010. No promises though!

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