Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vegas style!

We had an amazing time on our girls trip to Las Vegas! Laura had never been and so we did a lot of sight seeing which meant a whole lot of walking! It was a great time and I am so in love with Las Vegas. I can't wait to go back!

We stayed at Flamingo and this was the view from our room. It's a really good deal to stay there, it's right in the middle of the strip and it's a really nice hotel room. I would love to stay there again and it's really neat because it is all pink and Flamingos!

On Thursday night we went to The Bank at Bellagio. It is a newer club and it was really nice and very fancy. While we were there they took our picture for some website. I was kind of skeptical at first, but it actually is just a website that promotes clubs. So when I came home, I hopped online and checked for out picture! Low and behold it was definitely on there and the website was not shady or pornographic! Check it out!

Overall it was an amazing trip. I was already ready to come home and our Friday traveling made me definitely ready to just come home. First our plane was running late and then we waited on the runway for twelve other planes to take off before us. The turbulence was horrible because of wind and rain and when we landed, it took forever for our luggage to be loaded at the claim site. After all of that, I still had to drive three hours home. 

When I got home, Josh had kept the house neat and clean and made an amazing dinner for us. I will tell more about that in a later post! In the meantime, I am so glad to be home, but not ready to go back to school tomorrow! Oh well!

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